Bone Density Test



Bone Density Test known as Bone Mass Density (BMD) provides analysis of bone profile. This test provide full picture of bone mineral present in bone tissue which act as an osteoporosis risk assessment tool. This test indirectly determine the risk of one may be vulnerable to fractures or broken bones.


BMD are highly recommended to:

  • elderly female aged above 65 years old
  • low body weight
  • history of eating disorder
  • history of thyroid disorder
  • long usage of steroids ( glucocorticosteroids)
  • vertebral abnormalities


These individuals have higher risk to developing osteopenia as the bones slowly loses the calcium and other crucial minerals such as  vitamin D, magnesium and others resulting  it becoming  more porous,less dense and slowly thins naturally over the years.



Type of Densitometry Device used:

  • DEXA ( Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptionmetry) also known as DXA Scan (This test is only available at hospitals)dexa
  •  Portable DEXA (This test is available at City Wellness Pharmacy every three to four months. Kindly check with us when is the next available date)dexa-portable



T-score Means. According to the World Health Organization (WHO):